Aero and Blimpy Block Patterns for Sale

Aero pic
Blimpy pic
I've received lots of Instagram love for these two little guys, Aero and Blimpy. When initially designed, they were a part of my Tiny Town quilt pattern ensemble and were incorporated into my Big Sky pillow sham patterns. Now these individual patterns are available in my shop as well, as single blocks for you to use for whatever you'd like to make.

Aero and Blimpy Travel Bags
I was in need of a few travel pouches and thought that the plane and blimp images were just the ticket, although I've never have traveled on a blimp! I opted for a sunset color palette this time around and like it quite a bit. It seems to work well for the summer months.

Aero and Blimpy Travel Bags Backs
Pieced 2'' wide strips were used for the pouch backs. A cloud-like quilting design was used overall. This was easy to do, I first drew the lines in pencil using a circle template then quilted along them using my domestic machine and a walking foot.

Aero and Blimpy Travel Bags Zippers
A few months back, I purchased a mixed bundle of zippers on-line an have always been able to find a few that match what I'm working on. That was a good purchase as even though I've been picking away at them, I was still able to find a pink one and a yellow one that worked.

Aero and Blimpy Travel Bags Lining
The grapefruit and yellow polka dot lining is a nice surprise when opening the pouches. I always remember to treat myself to some eye candy, even if it doesn't always present itself.

If you'd like to purchase the Aero or Blimpy block pattern, you can access my shop through the button in the right margin of this blog. Enjoy!

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einfach bunt said...

Well, with this rainy summer and the boys wathing soccer championship, I have the time to start this aero block right away :-)