Cactus Trio

It has been busy this week in the design department (a.k.a. dining room table) and a few new patterns have been created. Meet my new cactus trio:

Echino Paper Piece Pattern
First up is Echino. He's round, he's cute, he's cuddly and, he wears a flower. That's right, a flower. He likes flowers; any shade of red, pink, purple or yellow will do. Use light and dark shades of your favorite greens and purples for a great shadow effect on the plant and pot. I shouldn't speak like this about Echino but I've heard that he's a little bit easy!

Prickly Paper Piece Pattern
Second in line is Prickly, aptly named as he is clearly the most difficult plant in the trio. He's not complicated but he is a bit time consuming. Prickly is adorned with pear shaped fruit; make these in purple or deep red and they'll look authentic!

Saguaro Paper Piece Pattern
Last but not least is Saguaro, the most majestic of all the cacti. Saguaros have been known to grow over 70 feet tall and can live for 150 years! This one isn't quite that big but but he's trying.

If you'd like to make one or all three of these cacti, the patterns are now available! There is a link to my shop on the right. The finished blocks measure 8" x 8" (or any other size you'd like just by enlarging or reducing the patterns) and can be either paper pieced or traditionally pieced.



Rosa said...

Those blocks are fantastic!

Themitz said...

These are so great but I can't seem to find a link to the patterns...please help.

Themitz said...

Found the link & bought the patterns! Can't wait to get started.

Karen Ackva said...

Hi B! What a beautiful selection of one plant I can't kill...oh, I take that back, I tend to water them too much. : ) Thank you for designing such great quilt blocks! They are just my style! -Hugs, Karen

Anonymous said...

Hi where would I find the patterns pls can’t see a link