My Tartan Quilt is in Modern Patchwork Winter 2016!

Tartan Quilt in Modern Patchwork Winter 2015
Once again, the fine editors at Modern Patchwork have included one of my quilts in their publication. This time, it is the Winter 2016 edition; this time it is my Tartan quilt. This Tartan quilt measures 81" x 81" and goes together very quickly as strip piecing is the technique used for making the quilt top. The magazine includes instructions for making the complete quilt, both the top and the back; yardage requirements are also provided.

Tartan Quilt Front
The key to making a successful Tartan quilt is in selecting colors colors that complement one another, and then in selecting a range of values (lights and darks) of those colors. It is the proper placement of these lights and darks that give this quilt its plaid appearance. For this quilt, I used Robert Kaufman's Kona Cotton Solids and Essex Yarn Dyed Linens. The linen provides a nice heft for a winter quilt.

Tartan Quilt Back
The wind provided a sneak peek of the back of the quilt, which is a simple, enlarged section of the plaid. Time to get cozy!


Kathy@KayakQuilting said...

I loved this quilt as soon as I cracked open the magazine! Bravo!!

Karen Ackva said...

A totally gorgeous quilt! I love the simple, modern look. I would love to feel this one as well since you used the rich Essex Yarn Dyed fabrics from Robert Kaufman. Aren't they a dream to work with? Hugs, Karen

SarahZ said...

This is super fun! Perfect colors! I spotted this on flickr and had to have more :) well done!

Catchtanya said...

Which publication is this in? I love this! Perfect for a guy!!!