More Wristlets

I'm working on some more wristlets. A few young ladies have made requests and I cannot disappoint anyone who appreciates my work.  I find it easier to produce small projects in quantity; it seems almost like the same amount of effort to make four purses as it does to make one.

This zigzag quilting is easy to do on my domestic machine, especially when working on a small project. I like the results of stopping and abruptly changing directions, these are nice crisp points. I am not as successful with this pattern on my long arm machine. I usually get more rounded points with it.

I love the meander or "stipple" pattern, always did, always will. I see that there a couple Flicker groups for machine quilting that note, "other than stipple patterns" or "life beyond meandering" in their posting rules. I hope this is not a sign of meandering falling out of favor with the quilting community.

Straight line quilting works very well when you have a small pattern to keep you on track. No need to mark or measure, with fairly good results.

More straight line quilting.

Lastly, wrist straps. I love making these. The are so substantial and always look professional.

Next post, finished wristlets!

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