Scrappy Pot Holders Set 1
Every now and then I have some pieced scraps left over from a project that I just don't want to throw away. Every now and then I don't feel like working on a big project, and just want to spend a couple of hours goofing off in my sewing room. When these events collide, I end up with an assortment of small quilted projects to use, gift or keep until I need them. Such is the case with these green and white scrappy pot holders. They were made from remnants of my windmill quilt that I thought were big enough to hang onto. Turns out they were. I tossed away a couple of ancient, "seen better days" potholders and replaced them with these new fresh ones. Now all is right again in my kitchen linens drawer.

Scrappy Zippered Pouch
This little burrito pouch was made with scraps from my Moda 23 quilted pillows.  I gave it to my niece as a gift for "just because". She is a compulsive organizer and I am sure it will be put to good use.

Scrappy Pot Holders Set 2
I had a few larger pieces of left overs that surfaced from time to time in my scrap bin. I happened to see a yellow and purple palette somewhere that I liked so I thought I'd throw these together and make yet another set of potholders. Small projects like these are a great opportunity to practice with new palettes and new techniques. I experimented on these with zigzag quilting, which was fairly easy on something this small. I'm not sure how easy it would be to do on a larger quilt however.

Never underestimate the power of your scraps. They are diamonds in the rough, just waiting for a little bit of polish!

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