Zippered Pouch Back
I needed a little birthday gift for my hair stylist and I thought she'd appreciate a quilted pouchy. She is always interested in my quilting activities so I thought I'd share a little bit of my craft with her.

Zippered Pouch Back
A pinch of Carolyn Friedlander and a dash of Kona Cotton Solids and before you know it, a pouch is made!

Zippered Pencil Case
The leftovers were sufficient enough for this cute little pencil case. I keep this alongside my sewing machine; my favorite marking tools are inside of it.

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Karen Ackva said...

Oh, very pretty! A friend of mine made a pencil bag similiar to that using the yellow tape measure fabric...I thought it looked fabulous. This...looks spectular! I love it with the blue zipper! I think I just bought some of that fabric too, from Carolyn Friedlander. Thanks for the idea!