Single Block Quilt Tutorial Series - Turboprop - Part 2, Cutting

Turboprop Patterns and Templates (Not to Scale)
Now that  the Turboprop quilt is planned (see previous post 1) it's time to start working with our fabrics. For this quilt, our fabrics will be roughly cut then sewn together on a paper foundation pattern. As you will soon discover, foundation work is a very accurate method of piecing, and one that you will be glad that you have added to your skill set.

The illustration above represents a .pdf that you will need to download from here, my Dropbox folder. It contains two pages, one for the cutting templates and the other for the foundation pattern.  Be sure to use the "print at actual size" setting on your printer.  Once printed, measure the 1" x 1" test square to make sure it measures properly.
In this post, we are going to use the cutting templates and cut out our fabrics for the quilt.  Your fabric requirements may vary considerably for this quilt, depending on how many colors and prints you decide to use.  I used 35 fabrics for my quilt, consisting of 13 blacks, 12 whites, 5 dark oranges and 5 light oranges.  Since my quilt has 35 blocks and each block is made of 12 pieces, I will need to cut 12 pieces form each fabric.  Four from piece 1, four from piece 2 and four from piece 3.  One fat quarter of each fabric was plenty for this.

First cut the templates form the sheet.  Pin the templates to the wrong side of the fabrics then cut out the pieces. Since we are using a foundation piecing method, there is no need to be concerned about precise cuts so feel free to cut through several layers at a time using scissors.  No need for measuring or precise rotary cutting here.

Turboprop Cut Fabrics

My fabrics are all cut and ready for sewing.  See you next time when we start foundation sewing!


Marei said...

Love your b/w/orange combo. This is going to be a very cool quilt.

Samantha said...

Do you still have the pattern for Turboprop? It has been deleted from Dropbox! Thank you! Sam