Single Block Quilt Tutorial Series - Windmill - Part 2, Cutting

Windmill Quilt Palette

Now that  the windmill quilt is planned (see previous post 1) it's time to start cutting fabrics.  Cutting for this quilt is very simple; all you need are strips.

Windmill Block Chart-page-001

The size of the block will determine the width of the strips that need to be cut.  The above chart identifies these requirements for four sizes of blocks; 6", 8", 10" and 12".  It also indicates the sub-cut strip length requirements (more on that later) and the quantity of sub-cuts that can be made from a 42" width of fabric. 

Windmill Block - Cutting Strips

I am making 8" blocks so my strips need to be cut to a width of 2-1/2".  Lucky me!  I have a Go Baby strip cutter and a 2-1/2" wide die that I use regularly to make binding.  I can't say enough about this tool and for cutting strips, nothing is faster and more accurate. 

I started by cutting the white background fabrics. My quilt will be five blocks wide and seven blocks long, for a total of 35 blocks.  Each block is made of four sub-cut lengths and according to the chart, these will be 4-1/2" each.  Also according to the chart, I can get nine of these from one width of fabric.  I need 140 sub-cuts (35 blocks x 4 sub-cuts) divided by nine (per width of fabric) equals a need for 15.55 or 16 strips.  This same amount is required for the windmill strips, if they are all going to be the same color.

Since I have chosen 35 different windmill fabrics for my quilt (one fabric for each block), my calculations need to be broken down a bit more.  Just like for the background, each block is made of four sub-cut lengths at 4-1/2" each.  This equals a requirement of one 18" strip per fabric, trimmed, so I'll leave a little wiggle room and cut these strips somewhere between 19" and 20".  I'll get started on these and will be back in a flash with my next post on sewing, pressing and sub-cutting.

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