Snowball Quilt #2 Finished

Finished Snowball 1
I've been doing a bit of babysitting lately and had some willing models to help me photograph my second snowball quilt.  This one has two sizes of blocks, an 8'' and a 4''.  This quilt took quite a bit longer to make than the 8" block quilt did that I made earlier however, I think that extra effort was worth the while.  This quilt is made of all solid Kona cotton fabrics, I like how the solids let the quilting pop.

Finished Snowball 2
Model #2 has the right idea about how to use a quilt. This is how I use quilts as well.  Rarely do they ever make it onto a bed or over the arm of a chair.  They always seem to be lying about the house or have a person or a cat or something lying inside of them.

Finished Snowball 3
This is ''ribbon'' quilting and the first time I have ever done it.  Is is just a simple meander, doubled and spaced a little bit apart here and there.  This is also the first time I have used Floriani embroidery thread on my long arm.  Up until now, I had been using So Fine by Superior Thread which is thin and not so shiny.  I came across Floriani recently at my local quilt shop and fell instantly in love with the thickness and sheen of this thread.  It makes the quilting stand out as well. a blessing when the long arm is running smoothly, a curse when its acting up.


molly b quilts said...

so beautiful! i love the delicate colors and the quilting.

B said...

Thank you Molly B. I appreciate it!