Single Block Quilt Tutorial Series - Stretched Star - Part 1, Planning

Stretched Star Single Block-page-001
Are you ready for another single block quilt tutorial?  I am, and this time we will be making a stretched star quilt.  The stretched star is an easy enough block for any level of quilter to make.  This is a good old traditional block that goes together quickly and looks great.  The block is made of a single base square with two added corner pieces.  The corner pieces start out as squares, after sewing them on the diagonal and pressing, they become triangles.

Stretched Star Quilts Set 1-page-001
When the individual blocks are placed next to one another, a six pointed stretched star becomes visible; a simple and interesting effect.  The above drawings illustrate the use of multiple fabrics for the star points and a single contrasting fabric for the star centers.  This contrast really allows the points to stand out.
Stretched Star Quilts Set 2
Monochromatic palettes as illustrated above also work for the stretched star pattern however, I think that at least some variation of the star point fabrics makes for a more interesting look.  The quilt on the right uses a single fabric for the points.  This is still a pretty effect but very uniform and less whimsical.

Stretched Star Quilts Set 3
The two illustrations above show how the point fabrics can be arranged to make individual star images really stand out.  Be sure to keep your wits about you when making an assembly like this; it's a little bit tricky getting the points in the right places.

Stretched Star Quilts Set 4

The stretched star can also be made by altering colors of the base squares as the two illustrations above indicate.  The point fabrics remain the same in each of the quilts.  Yet another look from this same simple block.

Now it's time for you to start planning your quilt.  First, decide the look you wish your quilt to have.  Will it be monochromatic or multicolored?  Will the base squares be made of the same fabric or will they differ?  The options are endless.  It's time to get your crayons, colored pencils or markers and start sketching.  Decide on your finished block size.  Will it be 4, 6, 8, 10 or 12 inches?  I'll be providing cutting instructions for each of these sizes of blocks the next time I post.  Lastly, you'll need to decide on the number of blocks that you want to use.  The above schematics are each made of 35 blocks; 5 blocks wide by 7 blocks long.  I'm going to make 8" finished blocks in the 5 x 7 block format so my quilt will be 40" wide by 56" long.  A nice throw/lap size or baby quilt size.  You can choose whatever size you like.

Stretched Star Palette

I'm going to use pink, purple and orange fabrics for my star points.  I have a solid, cream colored fabric in mind to use for the base squares.  The multicolored beach ball fabric shown above will be used for the backing.  I'm not sure about the binding as of yet.

I'll be back soon with step 2 of the stretched star single block quilt tutorial.  Happy planning!

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Miki said...

This is great! I love that your graphics show how different each quilt would look just by changing fabric colors!!