Leg Lamp Pillow

Leg Lamp Pillow
My sister has a birthday this week and I needed a gift to give to her.  When I came across the Christmas Story movie leg lamp paper piece quilt pattern, there was no turning back.  My sister loves A Christmas Story and often jokes about getting a leg lamp.

Sarah Bailey of the Sew What Sherlock? blog was kind enough to provide the pattern for free, which is available for immediate download.  I decided to make a pillow with it and bought a 13'' x 20'' down insert form from Crate and Barrel.  I've mentioned these inserts previously, as they are made nicely and are reasonably priced.  This one was $10.

Leg Lamp Pillow Garter
My mother chose the fabrics for the piece, I think that she did a great job with the colors, particularly for the stocking.  I thought that we'd have to add diamond patterned quilting lines or overlay some sort of netting to get the stocking effect however, just by using a darker flesh tone fabric, and a pleated ribbon for a garter, the effect was pretty convincing.

Leg Lamp Pillow Welting and Hidden Zipper
Although quite time consuming, I added a thin welt around the pillow and a hidden zipper in the side seam.  This is a little bit tricky but a found a great video tutorial on YouTube that got me through it.  I know that my sister will get a kick out of this pillow and that she'll treasure it for many years.


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