Another Snowball Quilt - In progress

Snowball Quilt Number 2 Design
I so much enjoyed the recent snowball quilt that I made that I thought I'd try another.  This time using two sizes of snowballs, 8" and 4", both in Kona solid cotton fabrics.  This pattern, made with these pale hues, reminds me of a stained glass window.  I hope that the finished quilt will look much the same.

For this 40'' x 56'' quilt, the following is needed:

(18) 8-1/2'' x 8-1/2'' aqua squares
(36)  2-7/8'' x 2-7/8' green squares
(36) 2-7/8'' x 2-7/8' white squares
(68) 4-1/2'' x 4-1/2'' yellow squares
(136) 1-5/8'' x 1-5/8' green squares
(136) 1-5/8'' x 1-5/8' white squares

Snowball Quilt Number 2 Blocks

Phew, that is a good bit of cutting, and a good bit of sewing.  Last evening, I did all of the chain piecing while watching a movie.  Today, my mother and expert assistant, is doing all of the pressing and trimming.  She is such a good sport!

Snowball Quilt Number 2 Mock Up
Final assembly is still needed but thanks to mom, I'm well on my way.

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