Quilted Eyeglass Case

We have had a few bouts of record cold weather this winter in Pennsylvania; so much so that it is difficult for me to believe that it will ever be warm again.  One saving grace has been the wall to wall sunshine that we've occasionally been granted, resulting in the need for sunglasses when daring to venture outside.

I keep my sunglasses safe and scratch free in this quilted pouch that I made.  The cute, retro eyeglasses paper pieced section was designed by Sew-Ichigo and is a part of the Get Your Geek On collection that I purchased from Craftsy.

The pattern cleverly suggests a "reflective" fabric selection for the lens of the glasses.  Sew-Ichigo used flying birds in their example; the alphabet fabric that I used loosely reflects pages from a book.

This flamingo pink zipper reminds me of Florida, which is where I wish I was right now, basking in the sun and reading a good book.  I'm feeling warmer already.

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