Tree Ring Wristlet

Tree trunk watercolors
Lately, I've been obsessed with all things "tree ring".  I just can't seem to get enough; so much so, that I broke out my watercolors and adorned my buffet with a couple of framed specimens.

Tree trunk wallpaper
Even my iPhone can't escape my fascination.   This tree ring wallpaper must have been made just for me.

Tree trunk bundle
This little bundle of pruning discards amuses me as well.  I put a ribbon on it to keep it together.

Tree trunk wirstlet
Needless to say, when I saw this tree ring quilt fabric in my local shop, I just had to have it.  Once I had it, then I had to use it right away.  I could use another wristlet, one appropriate for autumn, and this fit the bill.

Tree trunk wirstlet zipper
I had on hand this great, persimmon colored zipper that I bought previously with no particular project in mind.  It works well with the fabric and makes me think that it was just waiting to be used for something so good.

Tree trunk quilting
Making the tree ring quilting could not have been any easier.  I started sewing in the center of a square quilt sandwich and just kept going around and around, getting progressively bigger rings.  I didn't see a need to even try for precise ring spacing, the wonky look is just fine for me.  Sounds like its time for a nice walk in the woods to see if I can scout out any more tree ring goodies!


Amy DeCesare said...

What a great post, based on a fascinating theme! I'll be on the lookout for tree rings, too, now that I've seen how artful they are.

Debbie said...

I didn't know I needed some tree rings in my life until I saw this! Great projects and photos! I love tree-rings!!

legato1958 said...

I love your photos! And your pouch... all the details are gorgeous , from the zipper accent to the quilting and fabric!