Yet Another Pillow

Now that I'm in the pillow mode, I thought I'd pop out just one more. This one will be a gift for my niece as she requested a pillow that will match an orange, green and black quilt that I have recently given to her. I think that this one will do nicely as in addition to this color scheme, she likes kitties as well. 

Pillow Front
I like working with isosceles triangles. They are easy to measure, cut and sew together and are surprisingly forgiving when trying to piece accurately. I think that the stretch of the bias cut sides affords just enough wiggle room when it is needed to match points.

Pillow Back
My long arm did well on this project however not without an hour or so in advance of tension fidgeting, needle changing, oiling, etc. I have come to the conclusion that long arms are just plain fussy, period. I need to accept that fact and never think that after letting my machine sit idle for few weeks that I'll be able to just turn it on and start sewing. A good bit a TLC will always be needed before quilting, plain and simple.

Elephant Pin Cushions
My mother and I made a couple of companion softies to include with the gift. I'm sure that my niece will like them too. The orange one is named Bubbles and the black and white one is Tuxie!


Amy DeCesare said...

Where have I been? Great pillow, and I love the little elephants, too, especially Tuxie!

legato1958 said...

Your work is exquisite! And the little elephants are so dear!