Selvage Pillows

Selvage Pillows Front View
 I've only been saving the selvages cut from my quilting cottons for about a year or so. I thought it would take much longer than that to amass enough to make anything significant however, I was mistaken.  My selvage pile grew very quickly and much to my surprise, I was able to make these two 24" square pillows for my sewing room without putting much of a dent in it.

Selvage Pillows Side View
This was the perfect project on which to use my black and white scissor and pin fabrics.  I've been saving them for just the right occasion.

Selvage Pillows Hidden Zipper View
My hidden zipper skills are slowly improving.  This time, I only broke one needle and had one do-over.  Maybe next time I'll have it down pat.  I have realized is that it is much easier to install a hidden zipper if the zipper is over-sized, extending beyond the edges of my work.  That way, the zipper can be sewn in place without having to jockey around the pull.  Once sewn, the pull is slid  into place, the ends are bar tacked and the excess is trimmed.  My local store limited me to a 22" white zipper so I didn't have the luxury of using my preferred installation method.

Selvage Pillows Close Up
Sewing the selvages into place was quick and easy.  I first sewed them onto muslin foundation strips, overlapping the upper edge, leaving the lower edge of the stitching exposed.  I then sewed the muslin/selvage units together, then added batting, backing and finally, some overall, freehand grid quilting.  Now, when I need a pillow or two in the sewing room, I'm good to go.


Kathy@KayakQuilting said...

Great pillows! Perfect for a sewing room!

beaquilter said...

these look awesome! do you cut selvage first and then cut fabrics or cut fabrics WOF strips and then trim off the selvage? I really don't need another thing to SAVE.... :-)

Amy DeCesare said...

They are just fantabulous!!! I love the backings you chose, too. I was wondering what would work, and the scissors prints are just the right choice!

Cat said...

sooo lovely! tutorial maybe please?

B said...

Thanks everyone. I'd be pleased to make a tutorial. Keep and eye out for a future post!

Shabby Marilyn said...

I love your pillows, I also have a stash of selvage cuttings, even went looking for more from my unused fabrics :) Loved the idea a few years ago when I saw some projects, your pillows came out just pillow perfect! If we could only fit all our ideas in our sewing room!

Guilitta said...

I am so sorry I cant find any Labels to your post. I surched for the bee, I heard about, but there is no tutorial or free Blocks to find.

It would much easier to look all your nice stuff, if there were any Labels.

Greeting Guilitta

Catarina C said...

Your pillows are adorable, thanks for inspiration! //Catarina in Sweden

Frog Quilter said...

Beautiful and a work of art!