More Sweet Treats for Halloween in April

Halloween Scoops
Outside, there are pink, green and white buds on the trees, yellow daffodils and blue hyacinth in the garden and I continue to enjoy making orange and black Halloween inspired sweet treats from the Super Penguin quilt along.  This week's menu includes a triple scoop sundae (possibly black licorice flavored?) served in a black rimmed, spotted bowl.

Lime Jello
How about some jiggly, lime gelatin?  Now that is spooky!  The pumpkins and cats don't seem to mind however.  They continue to dance away like there is no tomorrow.

Spooky Soft Serve
The skeletons don't seem to mind the soft serve either.  I wouldn't mind having some of that myself.  I think it is orange cream.  Yum!  What will next week bring?

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Jody said...

I keep returning to your halloween in april blocks! Just when I think that I've gotten the halloween out of my system, someone truly creative comes along and renews my addiction! THANKS!