Chevron Geese Pillows

Chevron Geese Pillow Top
I've been working on a couple of pillows lately and although an enjoyable project, I'm surprised at the amount of time these are taking.  I thought that their relatively small size (24" x 24" each) would make for a quick, one day project but that is truly not the case.  With quilting, backing, zippers and binding to go, I'm sure that I have another full day of sewing ahead of me.

This is a typical flying geese pattern, with alternating rows of neutral geese and colored (pink, green and brown) geese.  The differing rows produce the chevron look that I think will be even more pronounced when quilted accordingly.

Chevron Geese Pieces
Accuracy when piecing flying geese has never been my strong suit, so much so that I have resorted to using paper foundations in order to achieve uniform points.  I find this to be a no fail method although a likely contributor to the consumption of time that caught me off guard.

Chevron Geese Points
Nothing like an accurate point however, definitely worth the effort.

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Julierose said...

Isn't it amazing how much time "little projects" can take? I agree--I have made about 15 mugrugs and they take FOR-ever--what with the binding and all (my least fave part!!). But your pillow is so pretty and the points match beautifully--perhaps I need to paper piece as my points never quite, quite get together (RONTFLOL)...Julierose