Three Fat Quarter Apron

Inspired by the "Sliced" competition aprons I saw last week on the Moda Bake Shop site, I decided to make a sewing apron for myself.  I never seem to have my tools at hand when needed and waste a good bit of energy searching for them.  They are inevitably buried under fabrics, accidentally tossed in my scrap bin or inadvertently carried off to another area of the house.  Now, my tools are readily accessible and at hand whenever I need them.

Apron Close
This apron was very easy to make.  Materials included three fat quarters, some scrap batting and thread.  Not much to it.  I machine quilted the pockets with a meander pattern and made my first attempt at McTavishing on the lavender background.  I think that I could use a bit more practice with the McTavish however it is nice to branch out and try something new.