Paper Pieced Fiestaware

Fiestaware Paper Piecing
I have been a collector of vintage Fiestaware for quite a while and decided that it was time to merge my two passions.  I've started to make some paper piece templates of my more favorite Fiestaware shapes and this morning, put together this disc pitcher block.  It took more time to sketch up the pattern than it did to make the block itself, something that I didn't expect.

Fiestaware Quilting Overlay
I'm not sure what I'm going to make out of this yet, suggestions are welcome, however I do think that when I quilt it, I will emulate the telltale Fiestaware rings in my stitching as indicated above on a trace paper overlay.

Kona Fiestaware Match Up
Kona cotton 1370 Tangerine was used for this pitcher.  I have matched up all six of the original Fiestaware colors to my cut-up Kona cotton solids samples and have listed the selections below for your use.  Maybe you too will be inspired to make some Fiestaware quilt blocks.  Both light and dark values are provided should you prefer a one over the other.

Fiestaware color "Red":  Light - 1265 Orange, Dark - 1370 Tangerine

Fiestaware color "Ivory":  Light - 1055 Butter, Dark - 1240 Mustard

Fiestaware color "Yellow":  Light - 353 Sunflower, Dark - 1089 Corn Yellow

Fiestaware color "Light Green":  Light - 1293 Pistachio, Dark - 1141 Fern

Fiestaware color "Turquoise":  Light - 1011 Bahama Blue, Dark - 1282 Peacock

Fiestaware color "Cobalt":  Light - 1541 Deep Blue, Dark - 140 Nightfall


Amy DeCesare said...

I think you're starting something BIG here! I LOVE your block so much!!! I've got the red pitcher and adore it. Thanks for the color codes, too!

Anna said...

Oh goodness this is just lovely!! I have such a soft spot for fiestaware!

Amy DeCesare said...

I just awarded you with the Liebster Blog deserve to be noticed! I linked a photo from this post on my blog, too. Hope that's okay!