Christmas Gift Exchange Progress

Accuquilt on design wall
Moving ahead, albeit slowly on my gift exchange quilt.  Currently, my design wall is sporting just one finished column of hexies and triangles; there are twelve more to go.  This plus borders, backing, quilting and binding, all to be completed in just one week.  As usual, I am under the gun.  Why has this happened?  Meet my latest distractions...

Mr. Max
... Mr. Max ...

Ms. Molly Luna
... and Ms. Molly Luna.

Last week, my husband and I adopted these sweet little creatures from our local Humane Society.  I can not imagine what they had been through to have landed in such a place, but I can assure you that they will never again want for anything.  We will give them all the love, care and supportive attention they will ever need.  I envision there being many cat/quilt combination pictures in my future posts!

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