Just in time for Thanksgiving, my holiday gift quilts are finished.  Earlier this year, I set out to make a quilt for each of my family members, excluding hubby and f-in-law, who always get to use the household quilts.  That meant five quilts needed to be made by Christmas, or so I thought, until about a month ago when I learned that my family would be visiting for Thanksgiving this year and not for Christmas.  I really needed to pick up the pace and get these wrapped up.  I am relieved that I have made the deadline, with three days to spare!

Each quilt measures approximately 60" x 90" and each was made using a flannel sheet for the backing.  Some, or parts of some have been shown in previous posts however, all have been re-photographed and are shown below in a recap:

For my mother:
Mom front Mom back
My mother is a quilter and is a little more traditional in her styling than I am.  Her quilt is pink and green, and not quite so modern.  I know that she will appreciate it.
For my eldest sister:
Betsy front Betsy back
For a true Pittsburgh sports fan, this quilt is all Steelers, Pirates and Penguins.  She'll love it, as will her dog Star, who has been known to snuggle with her on cold winter nights.

For my other sister (the next eldest of we three girls):
Patty front Patty back
A less bold, more subtle snow flake theme.  I made this quilt last spring and have patiently kept it under wraps all these months.  That was not easy for me to do!

For my b-in-law (recently wed to other sister above):
Scott front Scott back
A traditional, American Civil War themed quilt using all of of two jelly rolls.  B-in-law appreciates history and being a Pennsylvanian, there is much local Civil War history to be had nearby.

For my niece (daughter of other sister above):
Jessica front Jessica back
Multicolored Squares, using turquoise, orange, magenta and gold.  My niece lives in Florida and may not need this warm bed covering often, if at all.  Perhaps she will return to Pennsylvania, where there are plenty of nights when a flannel backed quilt is much more useful.

I can't wait until Thanksgiving, when we are all together, and I get the chance to distribute the quilts.  It is truly rewarding for me to share my craft with my family members as I know how much they appreciate my efforts.

Happy Thanksgiving to you!


Lisa said...

Yowza ... these are wonderful ... I especially like the colors on both the Plain Spoken quilts!

Montseta - Montsecosecose said...

Wow! So much work in so little time! Amazing! and I love the flannel sheets backs (especially the penguin one!)

Sana Saroti said...

Wow, that is definitely a whole lot of work! They are all beautiful! What is the quilt pattern on the first and the 4th?

B said...

Thank you all!

Sana, the first quilt pattern is called the tumbler. If you click on the "tumbler" tab under the labels listing on the right hand side of my blog page, you'll see more details on how how to make one

The fourth one is called Strip Search. This pattern is from G.E. Designs. I bought mine in a local quilt shop, you can also buy one on line at

Catherine Fowler said...

They are all lovely. And the flannel sheets for backing are terrific. Very nice sheets too -- where did you find those?

Katie said...

Wow, you have been busy! I love the different tops you made up and the use of sheets! I would die to have the last one with all of the animals on it.

B said...

Thanks again everyone. I bought the sheets on line from The Company Store. They have so many cute ones and they always go on sale after the holidays. A flat, twin sheet is just the right size for a quilt.

Margie said...

These are so lovely. Your family will love them! As far as the niece in FL, she will indeed use hers. We often pull out flannel sheets and even wool at times during the winter down here. Thanks so much for posting and for answering my question about the flannel animal sheet. You've inspired me for next year's gifts! I'm definitely going to watch The Company Store for their sales. Thanks so much and Happy Thanksgiving! :-)

Christine said...

I love the orange/black/grey/red quilt - do the pattern have a name? Wonderful gifts, I'm sure they are much loved. :)

B said...

A few people have asked me the name of the orange, red and gray penguin quilt. It is a modified version of the Plain Spoken quilt found in the Modern Quilt Workshop book. I chose to alternate my narrow and wide rectangles as it was easier for me to match seams that way.