Flannel Backed Tumbler Quilt #2 Finished

My latest tumbler quilt is finished and I'm quite happy with it.  This one will be a Christmas gift for my mother and I know that she will like it as well.  Just yesterday, she was snuggling in my flannel backed tumbler quilt (actually, it is my husband's) and she seemed to be quite comfortable.  It has been an atypical August for us in western PA; normally it is hot, humid and unbearable however, this year we've had a few cool spells, even some chilly nights.
Front Close Up
I used the "chestnut" free motion quilting pattern again.  I'm still producing a few unwanted loops but with each attempt, my skills improve.  My thread of choice for long arm quilting is "So Fine", this color is "Snow".  There is quite a bit of contrast between the Snow and some of some of the darker fabrics.  It is not so easy to hide my mistakes this way.  All the more reason to continue to improve my skills.
The snow colored thread looks great on the quilt back, which is a holiday themed flannel sheet having plenty of snow on its own.  I love the rose and green stylized houses, I had a good time selecting fabrics from my stash to coordinate with them.
Front and Back
The snow will be flying here again in a few short months.  Mom will be ready with her new cozy quilt!

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Jennifer said...

OH! Tumbler, how i love thee, the colors, the style, the quilting - -utter fabulousness!