Wedding Quilt Finished

Wedding Quilt on Porch
I've finished the quilt that will be given to my sister and her husband on their wedding day.  It's been a busy summer and it seemed like I was working on this quilt for a long time.

Wedding Quilt Finished
The majority of the top was made with half square triangles, combined with a few panels of coordinating whole cloth.  The back was made with whole cloth panels as well.

Wedding Quilt Mid Range
This was my first attempt with a new quilting pattern.  I thought it was time to branch out from the reliable stipple pattern and try something with a more traditional flair.  This pattern is loosely modeled after what is referred to as "Chestnut", probably named as such due to the basic shape's rounded bottom and pointy top.  I have fondly renamed it "1, 2, 3", as I found myself constantly counting each of the chestnuts' triple loops when I was quilting.

Wedding Quilt Close Up
I could use a bit more practice with this quilting pattern as I had a few encounters with dead ends, extra loops where they weren't supposed to be and some overlap where it wasn't intended.  Fortunately, the prints used in this quilt were very helpful in concealing my inexperience with my long arm and this new technique.


Char said...

Great quilt. I think you did a wonderful job on the quilting. I keep saying I'm going to branch out also, maybe on my next quilt.
I'm sure your sister and her husband will love it.

Sewhappy said...

Your quilt is beautiful. I love your quilting, it looks great. I can't quilt like that yet but I love yours.

Mavi. said...

Un quilt precioso, una combinación muy serena y un resultado genial.

Lisa said...

Love your quilt, the colours are so restful. And your quilting is stunning!

Katcarne Loves Weddings said...

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