Stash 1
There's nothing like a good stash and I know I'm not alone in thinking that.  My stash is hearty and mostly composed of fabrics I bought just because I liked them, not because I had something in mind to do with them.  That part always seems to come later and when it does, it's great to have on hand what I need.

Stash 2
While at the Lancaster, PA quilt show a few months ago, I took the opportunity to enhance my stash with a few new fat quarters.  I have no plans as of yet for the majority of them however during our dinner conversation this evening, talk about my sister's upcoming wedding prompted me to dive in and start planning.

Stash 3
No one knows where these will end up.  Assembled all together in one large work or individually used here and there where appropriate?  Time will tell but they will be used, one way or another.

Stash 4
These would make great mug rugs or coasters for hostess gifts.  As a matter of fact, they'd make great anything.  What will they become?

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