Not So Plain Spoken

Not so plain spoken front
My "not so" plain spoken quilt is finished, thus named as I bucked tradition and modified the piecing and assembly technique from the original pattern.

Not so plain spoken close up
As described in an earlier post, I started with strip piecing, then pressed the seam allowances to one side before cutting my blocks.  As it is so much easier to sew blocks together with the seam allowances opposing one another, I took this short cut with the favorable results of an alternating, thin strip - fat strip arrangement.

Not so plain spoken backing
This is the second quilt that I have finished on the long arm using a flannel sheet for the backing.  Once again, my machine behaved beautifully and left me with zero thread breaks and zero puckers.

Not so plain spoken overall
It looks like I'm ready for a great summer picnic.  All I need is a cold drink, some fried chicken and a good book!


Sewhappy said...

Your quilt looks great, I love your colour choices. The summer picnic sounds great too!

Helen in the UK said...

Found your blog through the Simply Solids flicker group. Love your quilt - a great example of why solids appeal to me more and more :)