Flannel Backed Tumbler Quilt Finished

Scrap Tumbler Quilt
This weekend, I finished my husband's flannel backed tumbler quilt originally posted about here.  I was planning on saving it for a Christmas gift as it is a heavy, warm quilt, but given the late snow we received this morning, it seemed fitting to give it to him immediately.  Five minutes after I finished it, it was gifted, and we snuggled under it and watched a movie.  Nice and cozy.

Scrap Tumbler Quilt Close Up
The assembly was quilted on my long arm; this latest experience yielded better results than the previous ones, just one thread break this time, not bad.

Tumbler Quilt Flannel Back
The flannel backing worked beautifully on the long arm.  I was a little concerned about the stretchiness of the fabric, but the frame did its job and kept everything taut and even.


Anonymous said...

Did you wash the flannel backing before quilting? I want to use flannel as a backing in a quilt and I keep reading a lot of contradicting reviews regarding washing or not washing. The top is regular cotton fabric an it was not washed.

B said...

Hi! Yes, I always wash flannel quilt backing, in hot water and I dry it on high heat before using it. Also, I never wash my cotton quilting fabrics before using them. I find that flannel shrinks so much more than the cotton quilting fabrics and this helps to even things out so to speak. Thanks for the question!