Baby Quilt Left Overs

Scrap Mini Quilt
A few years ago, I made a baby quilt for a friend of mine and had a few left over pieces.  Left overs always make their way into my scrap bin.  I hoard them until I come up with something interesting to make.  When I feel like sewing but don't feel like delving into a huge commitment, I turn to my scrap hoard for inspiration.  This mini quilt was a result of that; it was a quick assembly of my previous efforts and an experiment of a quilting technique that was new to me.

Scrap Mini Quilt Close Up
I am accustomed to free motion quilting and have never quilted in a straight line.  This is about as close as I have ever gotten to that, not exactly straight but my feed dogs were up and my sewing went back and forth in one general direction.

Scrap Mini Quilt Detail 1
After having stitched all of the North to South lines, I felt the need to stitch East to West as well.  I ran out of green thread but finished up with turquoise.  Necessity, being the mother of invention, resulted in this two toned relaxed grid work that I was quite pleased with.

Scrap Mini Quilt Detail 2
It is good for me to experiment with scraps.  Some trials turn out better than others but I can tackle a scrap experiment without fear of ruining something of which I have put in a lot of effort.


Kerri K said...

Wow! I love this little quilt. I love the colors and the wonky grid quilting. Gonna pin it to!

Jenny said...

I like this and your blog!

Sewhappy said...

I love your mini quilt and the different colours in the quilting. Great.