Wonky Heart Mug Rugs

Wonky heart mug rugI enjoyed the wonky mug rugs I made last week so I thought I'd try my hand at making some wonky heart mug rugs for Valentine's day.  I wondered if there was an "official" size for a mug rug so I did some internet searching.  What I learned is that there is no prescribed size however, a mug rug should be big enough to hold your mug and a small snack.  I think that this one does the trick.

Sketching the patternI started by making a sketch of what I wanted my mug rug to look like.  I like to use inexpensive tracing paper for this and a Sharpie.  With this paper, I can sketch, crumple, toss; sketch, crumple, toss; without feeling too wasteful.  I like the feel of the Sharpie tip on the trace and I have great appreciation for the permanent aspects of the ink.  When I have a need to mark fabric with ink, I can always count on my Sharpie not to run when washing or when using the steam iron.  I used the trace and Sharpie as well to sketch out how I planned to assemble the hearts, then I made a matte board template of the pieces that I needed to cut.

Assembling the stripsI cut a jelly roll into 9 1/2" segments then cut those in half on a wonky diagonal to get my strips.  I then sewed the strips together, side by side, alternating light and dark values.  Using the matte board templates that I made, I cut the assembled strips into the wedges that I needed to make the hearts.

Ready to quiltOnce I sewed the heart sections together, I added sashing to frame them, then trimmed them to my desired wonky shape.  I added batting and backing and got ready for quilting.

Ready to trimQuilted and ready to trim.

Ready to bindTrimmed and ready to bind.

Ready to useBound and ready to use.

Happy Valentine's Day!


CrafterBerly said...

This is adorable! I've had an idea for a table runner in my head but I can't get the "wonky heart" physics down pat. This gave me some ideas for how I might be able to make it work. I think I'll have to make a bunch of these, though, because they're just so darn cute!

Cat said...

LOVE THESE! You made so many at first I thought it was going to be a quilt too. I used your idea for my Boston Love flag. Will put a link in when I post to flicker. Thanks!