Valentine's Day Quilt

Valentine Quilt
With Valentine's day a month away, there's still time to make a quilted decoration to celebrate the occasion.  I made this coffee table topper last year and quickly displayed it after the Christmas decorations were put away.

Valentine Quilt Mid Range
Two French General charm packs were used to make the top.  The piecing is fairly simple; it includes 36 blocks, each made using one large square, three small squares and one rectangle.

Valentine Quilt Close Up
I machine quilted the top, batting and backing assembly.  I used used a free form echo heart design.  After a bit of practice on some scrap fabric, the process went smoothly and quickly.

Will you be making a Valentine's quilt this year?


Lara said...
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B said...

A tutorial for this quilt can be found in the following post:

Best of luck!

Randalcato said...

Rose day 7 Feb Likes this blog. Thanks for this.