Lil Twister Experiment Finished

Lil Twister experiment quilt wall hanging
With the holidays now behind us and some free time to spare, my mother and I completed our Lil Twister experiments.  See the original posting here.

Lil Twister experiment quilt wall hanging close up 2
We’re happy with the results and look forward to using this ingenious tool again.  Next time, I might try the larger tool for use with 10” squares.

Lil Twister experiment quilt wall hanging close up 1
I’ll also pay much more attention to the placement of fabrics, alternating color, value and pattern with more variation.

Lil Twister experiment Christmas quilt wall hanging
Mom’s Christmas table mat really looks great.  Too bad she’ll have to wait another year before displaying it on her coffee table.

Bonus scrap mug rug
I saved my scraps to make this bonus mug rug.  It will make a nice companion to my table mat.  Mom saved her scraps too; she’ll be making a hexies with them for another project.  I can’t wait to see that.


Tina Craig said...

I made a couple of these in the old days before there was a ruler for it. We used a template with the X, marked and cut with scissors. It's a fun pattern, and now I'm inspired to try it again with modern fabrics.

Susan said...

I really like the fabric you used!